Prague Dunamis : Ignite

27-28 September 2024

(Venue to be confirmed)

Taught in English with translation to Czech. Vyučováno v angličtině s překladem do češtiny.
Ignite : The Healing Ministry of Jesus

Jesus Christ brought wholeness to many people and in a variety of ways – a tangible expression of God’s love and power.

Healing was a feature of the early church’s life and can be for us too, because the same Holy Spirit is still at work today. Yet many Christians today have little first-hand experience of how to participate in healing through cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

This Ignite will give you Biblical foundations and practical instruction to help you learn how to participate in Jesus’ healing ministry.

At this event the Holy Spirit often leads us into emotional and physical healing, and this hands-on experience of healing ministry becomes the context in which the teaching takes place.

Topics include:

  • Biblical foundations for healing ministry
  • How the Holy Spirit continues Jesus’ healing work
  • Spiritual and inner healing
  • Jesus’ ministry of physical healing

This approach, combined with inspired worship and an opportunity to debrief what we have experienced can be life changing. Come and discover how you can work with God to bring His healing touch to others.

Map – Prague St Vorsily

Ignite : Equipping for Spiritual Conflict

Discovering Jesus’ Victory Over Evil Through Prayer

Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (1John 3: 8), and told His disciples to drive out demons (Matt 10: 8). Spiritual conflict is real!

Paul stated that our conflicts were not earthly but spiritual (Eph 6: 12&13) …but how can we engage in these victoriously? Ignorance and denial cause many to fall. This event gives helpful teaching on how to be victorious through prayer in Jesus’ name.

Includes introduction to:

  • Biblical foundation of spiritual conflicts
  • The Holy Spirit helps us in the battle
  • Spiritual Strongholds
  • Personal Freedom

Come and discover how you can partner with God to defeat the works of the evil one.

Dates and Times

This course will run on the following days/times:

27th – 28th September 2024

Friday 18:00-21:00 – Worship, introductions, and an overview of the teaching.
Saturday 10:00-18:00 – Main teaching, including opportunities for prayer.


Including study materials and refreshments:

  • 500 Kč – General Admission

If you would like to have a conversation about bursary assistance, please get in touch with the Bookings Administrator before booking a place.

Meals and Accommodation

No meals will be provided at this event, so please make your own arrangements. There are many food establishments near the venue, and there will be space in the venue to eat and share in fellowship if you’d prefer to bring a packed lunch.

Light refreshments (Tea/Coffee) will be available.

This is a non-residential/commuter event; accommodation is not provided. You will need to make your own accommodation (and travel) arrangements.

Map – Prague St Vorsily

Not for Profit

Dunamis is a not-for-profit ministry run by volunteers (including the teachers and leaders).

Offerings are invited at every event so we can continue to equip more people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Bursary assistance may be available: enquiries – and donations – to the bookings administrator.

Bookings Administrator

Brian Sedgwick

Note 1: if you have not received a confirmation email, your place is not booked.
Note 2: If you are having trouble paying, please contact the Bookings Administrator (Brian Sedgwick).

Future events (dates and prices TBC)
  • Spring 2025 – to be confirmed
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