The DNA of Dunamis

Creating a context for learning about, encountering and co-operating with the Holy Spirit

Dunamis is an intensive equipping event. The comprehensive teaching is supported  by an extensive Manual which is a useful take-home resource for sharing the insights in local congregations.

Gifts, grace and space

Dunamis embraces a full expression of the spiritual gifts. Leadership teams operate on the basis of their own gifting. Participants are helped to discover, receive and grow in whatever gifts the Holy Spirit graciously gives.

The teaching is complemented by ‘lab times’, personal prayer and reflection, and opportunities for prayer ministry, so that people can encounter God personally.

Transparent accountability

Dunamis leadership teams hold themselves accountable at every event. There is honesty and vulnerability about personal ‘success’ and ‘failures’, and a genuine desire that no-one be guilty of ‘manipulation’.

Intentional debriefing is a distinctive feature of all Dunamis events. This helps to develop mature discernment about spiritual activity, rather than naive credulity or scepticism.

Our approach

The Dunamis Project embodies a particular approach to ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. This arises from our placement in a particular stream of the Christian Faith and the move of the Holy Spirit.

The key elements which create the ethos of Dunamis are:

  • Systematic exposition of what the Bible as the Word of God teaches.
  • Led by the Holy Spirit, with whom we seek to cooperate in obedience and faith.
  • Accepting the present-day operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as expressions of the ministry of Jesus Christ and as the means by which we equipped to witness to Jesus and to do His work.
  • Requires the leadership team to be submitted to a mutual process of discernment and accountability.
  • Valuing human reason and rationality, as well as God speaking today through prophecy and other revelatory gifts – all subordinated to God’s final revelation in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.
  • Intentionally moving from theory to practice – from teaching into actual ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Nurturing the exercise of spiritual gifts through the body of Jesus Christ, rather than depending only on individual anointed leaders who ‘do’ the ministry.